Top 4 Reasons To Check Out A Cattle Ranch In Arizona

New and old ranchers in Wyoming can agree that keeping predators away from their livestock is a full time job. Since there is an abundance of wildlife in Wyoming, but scarce amounts of game for predators, they often ravage ranches for livestock at nighttime. Before looking for places to live in Wyoming, it is important for potential buyers to become informed on the state’s hunting regulations, as many predators are on the threatened or endangered species list. The following are the top 3 non-violent ways to protect livestock from predators.

Get a Guardian Animal

Getting a guardian animal for a ranch is a great idea, as they can help fight or scare off any incoming predators. Since animals are intuitive and can sense danger from a mile away, owning guardian animals who can notify their owners about nearby predators is key. The following 3 animals have been known to make the best guardians.


In order to transform a dog into a watch dog, one must raise them for the job from an early age. While a dog cannot fight off a wolf or a grizzly bear, a pack of two dogs can easily protect a herd of livestock from red foxes, coyotes, and wild dogs. There are some canine breeds that are especially used for protecting livestock. Before buying a dog, make sure that its website breed is suitable for such a responsibility.


Oddly enough, llamas are one of the best animals to take on as a guardian. These animals are naturals at the sport and do not even need to be trained on the matter. Since llamas tend to be aggressive towards wild dogs and coyotes, they will not hesitate to protect the herd from them.


When opting for a donkey guardian, it is important to remember that not all of these creatures are suitable for the job. A jenny or a foal tend to offer the best results when compared to other types, however, it is crucial for donkeys to bond with their fellow animals, as their maternal instincts are what are going to cause them to defend livestock from predators.

Use Proper Fencing

One of the most efficient ways to keep predators away from livestock is by setting up a great deal of fences. Having sturdy fences that predators cannot jump over, crawl under, or slip through is essential to the longevity of livestock.

Keep Livestock Healthy

Predators tend to single out weak, dying, or young animals. This is because they are generally easier to hunt. In order to prevent this from happening, ranchers should ensure that all their animals receive the proper care, thus resulting in them being healthy and strong enough to escape predatory animals.

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